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Triple Threat Sculpt Perfect

DuWop Cosmetics

  • £2800

Ready, set, glow! 

DuWop debuts it latest innovation... Triple Threat Sculpt Perfect! 

This kit allows you to: 1) HIGHLIGHT, 2) CONTOUR, and... 3) GLOW! 

All while giving back to your skin with incredible anti-aging ingredients. 

All four matte powders contain a rich combination of ingredients such as Gold, Peat Extract, Vitamins A, C, and E. These combine to promote collagen production (hello bouncy, youthful skin), helps to smooth out fine lines & wrinkles, to brighten the skin, and to stimulate cellular turnover (fresh cells for a fresh looking face)! As you sculpt temporary perfection, you’re actually helping to create lasting perfection..... Wow! 

Start sculpting your perfected look with Perfect Light or Perfect Medium.


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