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Double Glow 7

DuWop Cosmetics

  • £2100

Doubleglow7 is a luminous face balm that gives instant radiance and clarity to the skin whether worn under, over, or instead of foundation. 

Worn under makeup, Doubleglow7 acts as a primer, creating the perfect canvas for flawless foundation application. When worn over makeup it gives the skin that “oomph” that you might get after a day at the spa or an extra three hours of sleep. 

Doubleglow7 contains seven essential skin nourishing ingredients: Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Lily Extract and Illuminating Pearls as well as Vitamins A, E and F. These seven secret weapons conspire to give you gorgeous, glowing skin. 

For darker tones, Doubleglow7 Deep adds the perfect touch of rosy spring warmth to lids, cheeks and even lips. Doubleglow 7 Deep also works well when used to define and contour the face. Apply with a brush or fingertips, under or over make-up depending on the desired effect

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